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Retirement and dreams of traveling are now a reality, so to make things a little more manageable, we are reducing our alpaca inventory. We will be keeping our elder girls and will be available for many years to come for support.

We have only 3 females left for sale and want to find a loving forever home for these girls...extremely good package price in return for beautiful fiber and very easy handling girls...come take a look! :)

See our breeding package for special pricing INCLUDING a breeding to SNOWMASS ROYAL STAR ($750 breeding charge alone)!

Alpacas of Chappel Creek is located in scenic Vermilion Ohio. Like most alpaca breeders, we were dedicated to raising and breeding quality alpacas. Now we are both retired and in travel mode and have only three females available for sale.

We have enjoyed promoting the benefits and use of alpaca fiber through affordable products specializing in our own hand knit items. We have closed our online store but still offer hand knit items made at customer request.

We have truly enjoyed our years raising these wonderful animals and will be maintaining a small herd of elder girls to keep a downsized version of that wonderful lifestyle. We will also be available to answer questions for anyone interested in setting up an alpaca farm. We want to make sure you understand what is really involved in starting up a new farm and raising alpacas without all the sugarcoating. We’ve had our share of problems, like everyone else but we’d do it all over again. They are truly wonderful animals and there’s nothing like a walk out to the barn to wind down at the end of a hectic day...not quite so hectic for us anymore!

Dale & Patty Mack
Alpacas of Chappel Creek
Vermilion, OH